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Arman has carefully evaluated hospitals which have been certified by JCI, ISO, NABH and that meet the global standards of health.

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We are associated with highly sophisticated hospitals, specialized institutions in India which offer services of world class quality.

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Ayurveda is a type of complementary and alternative medicine that originated in India.

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Who are Health Care facilitators ?

Health Care facilitator can be described as a service provider that plays a major role of facilitating the patient with receiving the best and cost effective health care services.
Health tourism involves travelling to a foreign country for medical, dental or cosmetic treatments. The concept of Health Care facilitators is fast growing in India and people from different parts of the world prefer India as their desirable destination for medical treatment.

Why Choose India ?
  • Indian Hospitals are specialised in performing some of the most complex surgeries and advanced treatments which includes cardiac surgeries, the kidney, bone marrow transplants, infertility treatments, orthopaedic surgeries, etc. Not available to many in their own countries.

  • One of the most noteworthy factors is that India provides world class quality treatments at a fraction of the price of what it would cost in the developed countries such as the US, the UK, etc.

  • India has various state of the art medical institutes and hospitals of international standards with highly qualified medical professionals. India can boast about the presence of a large number of hospitals across all regions in the country, with the availability of medical facilities and well trained staff round the clock.

  • Today, India is an emerging hub for some of the oldest, traditional and natural treatments for health such as Ayurveda and yoga which are in huge demand among people all over the world.

  • In India, patients can get quick appointments and prompt treatments unlike many countries in the West.

  • India being an English speaking country, most of the international patients can be assured of not facing any language barrier during their stay. Moreover interpreters can be offered to cater to the language needs of non-English speaking patients too.

  • India known for its rich heritage, wide range of diversities & natural beauty also offers some splendid tourist destinations both in terms of culture and topography. Thus, the patient can enjoy a dual benefit with his visit- an excellent treatment combined with a magnificent tour of some of the most exotic tourist spots in the country!

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"India hosts about 1.27 million medical tourists
from various countries across the globe "

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